Navigation Bar

Navigation bar for URLs, which allows to navigate quickly through the file hierarchy:

Each part of the URL is clickable so that for example for changing from the directory 'U2' to 'Documents' only one mouse click is required. The navigation bar also supports drag and drop operations.

To edit the URLs in a traditional way a click empty space right beside 'Documents'...

... allows to edit the URL manually with the keyboard:

A drop down menu for fast access on places is available:

The Dolphin places concept allows to hide the physical file hierarchy. For example if a bookmark called 'My Documents' is created which is represented by the URL 'file:///home/peter/Documents' the representation in the navigation bar looks like this:

View Properties

Dolphin supports different kind of view properties:

Split of Views

The current view can be split for file copy- and move-operations:

Panels and More

Dolphin supports dockable panels for places, information, folders and a terminal. The following screenshot shows Dolphin with all features enabled: