[2012-06-26] Dolphin 2.1

After the release of Dolphin 2.1 on the first of August Frank Reininghaus will take over the maintainership of Dolphin. The last 6 years have been a great experience for me and I'm proud that I got the chance being part of this community!

[2012-06-03] Improved Views

The upcoming Dolphin 2.1 release, which will be part of KDE applications 4.9, will have improved views.

[2012-03-06] Dolphin Update

Dolphin 2 has been released and contains several bugfixes as part of the 4.8.1 release of KDE applications. Also some visual improvements for grouping have been done.

Dolphin 4.8

[2011-11-04] Dolphin 2.0

Dolphin 2.0 is going to be released with the 4.8 release of KDE applications and will contain a new view-engine.

[2011-03-27] Preview of the new default look

Dolphin will get a new default look for KDE SC 4.7 that tries to minimize the visual clutter:

Dolphin 4.7 (preview)

[2011-01-24] Screenshot of Dolphin for KDE SC 4.6

KDE SC 4.6 is expected to get released on January the 26th. This release of Dolphin includes several improvements for searching, the column view and service menus.

Dolphin 4.6

[2010-08-10] Screenshot of Dolphin for KDE SC 4.5

KDE SC 4.5 has been released today. In this release mainly bugfixes and cleanups for Dolphin have been done.

Dolphin 4.5

[2010-01-26] Screenshot of Dolphin for KDE SC 4.4

KDE SC 4.4 will be released on February the 9th. An overview about the improved searching, tooltips and version control support is available on the Dolphin Weblog.

Dolphin 4.4

[2009-07-25] Screenshot of Dolphin for KDE 4.3

KDE 4.3 will be released on August the 4th. An overview about the improved Information Panel and directory thumbnails is available on the Dolphin Weblog.

Dolphin 4.3 alpha

[2008-10-26] Screenshot of Dolphin for KDE 4.2 alpha

The feature freeze for KDE 4.2 is on November the 17th. An overview about the new Dolphin features is available on the Dolphin Weblog.

Dolphin 4.2 alpha

[2007-12-16] Screenshot of Dolphin for KDE 4

One month left until KDE 4.0 gets released. Dolphin looks like this currently:

Dolphin with Oxygen

[2007-03-10] Oxygen Icons

The Oxygen icons are now part of kdelibs and Dolphin looks like this:

Dolphin with Oxygen icons(KDE 4 alpha version)

Please note that the Oxygen icons are not finished yet. Also the window and widget decoration of Oxygen is not used in the screenshot.

[2007-02-25] Screenshot of Dolphin in KDE 4

The KDE 4 version of Dolphin currently looks like this:

Dolphin (KDE 4 alpha version)

Some notes to the screenshot:

[2007-02-17] Dolphin has been moved to kdebase

Dolphin has been moved to kdebase this week. As there already had been some discussions at about what this really means, I hope the original SVN comment from David Faure makes it more clear:

SVN commit 633622 by dfaure: Moving Dolphin to kdebase, as discussed with Peter and others. The big plan is: dolphin will become the default file manager (kicker buttons and file:/ links bring it up); for a more file-manager-oriented GUI than in kde3. File management in konqueror will remain available, e.g. for people who like to have profiles where it's combined with other things. For code sharing even more, we are considering making a dolphinpart and using that as konqueror's directory view.

This means that all people who love Konqueror because of its power and being an universal an viewer: File management in Konqueror will stay and nothing will be taken away. Dolphin for KDE4 has been adapted in a way that Konqueror and Dolphin share as much code as possible. Having now two frontends means that the shared code gets tested in a better way, which will increase the stability and points out possible shortcomings. So just see Dolphin as an additional application for file management, which can be used but nobody is forced doing so.

As some topics regarding Dolphin popup frequently on discussions and are sometimes only based on screenshots and on wrong assumptions, here are some facts:

[2007-01-25] Release of Dolphin 0.8.2

I got some translation updates for German and Polish from Jannick Kuhr and Piotr Malinski, which have been integrated into Dolphin 0.8.2.

[2006-12-22] Release of Dolphin 0.8

The release of Dolphin 0.8 will be the last release for KDE 3, as the main focus will be to prepare Dolphin for KDE 4. Dolphin 0.8 contains the often requested sidebar:


[2006-11-27] Dolphin is part of KDE playground

Dolphin has been integrated into KDE playground! My thanks go especially to Laurent Montel, Kevin Ottens and Holger Freyther, who helped a lot porting Dolphin to KDE4. To give it a try:

svn co svn://
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debugfull -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ../dolphin

For informations how to install KDE 4 please refer to KDE3To4. A rough roadmap for Dolphin is also available.

[2006-11-17] Roadmap

The last weeks have been very interesting. Aaron J. Seigo provided some cool patches and offered a lot of help for Dolphin. Dolphin gets now ported to KDE 4 so that it can act as a kind of prototype for testing some usability ideas and improvements. If everything works well, things like the Dolphin navigation bar might even get part of the KDE 4 libraries. This would allow other applications or e. g. the file open dialog to use the navigation bar too,

One downside of the good news is that I don't have time to maintain and develop the KDE3 version of Dolphin in parallel. Dolphin 0.8 will be the last release for KDE3 and will offer a sidebar as major new feature. Currently Michael Austin works on the documentation (this will take up to 3 weeks, as Michael is currently quite busy).

Anyhow I think its worth to make the KDE 4 port for Dolphin now, as it helps testing the I/O related parts of the KDE 4 libraries and allows giving some input.

[2006-10-22] Release of Dolphin 0.7.0

Dolphin 0.7.0 has been released. I got a lot of translations during the last days and wanted to thank Ain Vagula, Stephane Lesimple, Patrice Tremblay, Itai Alter and Piotr Malinski for their contributions!

[2006-10-06] Renaming of Files

I'm back from vacation and found some time for adding a functionality into Dolphin I always missed: renaming of multiple selected files in one step. When I copy the photos from my digital camera to the harddisk they are named dsc001234.jpg, dsc0001235.jpg etc. Renaming them file by file can get a little bit boring when coming back from vacation having 150 photos... Ok, I could have been using Digikam or KRename for this task, but it was more fun to implement this functionality within Dolphin by using the vacation photos as test base.

Also I got some very nice patches for Dolphin from Patrice Tremblay, which will get part of Dolphin 0.7. The fixes are the kind of fixes I mostly like: no big "Hey, I'm a new feature, look at me"-stuff, but small, nearly unrecognizable improvements which just make feel the application better than before.

[2006-08-30] Release of Dolphin 0.6.2

The release of Dolphin 0.6.2 contains mostly bugfixes, but the interesting things happened behind the scene: The Dolphin team has been increased! Cvetoslav Ludmiloff is currently working on a sidebar for Dolphin, Stefan Monov contributed session management to Dolphin 0.6.2 and gave some very good inputs regarding some usability issues. Michael Austin and Orville Bennett contributed an early draft for the Dolphin documentation. All in all I'm very happy for being part of a team now instead of playing the "lonely warrior" ;-)

I'm on vacation from now on until the end of September and cannot answer any e-mails during this time. This also means that the planned release of Dolphin 1.0 gets postponed. I think that the end of this year seems to be a realistic date from the current point of view...

[2006-08-18] Dolphin at Sourceforge

Dolphin now found its place at Sourceforge. To submit bugs, features or for getting the latest inofficial snapshot just visit

[2006-08-06] Release of Dolphin 0.6.1

I got a lot of useful input after releasing Dolphin 0.6.0 and hope that I can implement most of them for Dolphin 1.0. In the meantime I fixed some important issues and released Dolphin 0.6.1. The release also contains a nice feature submitted by Cvetoslav Ludmiloff: the currently shown folder can be bookmarked by the context menu. Cvetoslav is now part of the Dolphin development team and honestly speaking I'm very happy having some support now.

[2006-07-23] Release of Dolphin 0.6.0

Dolphin 0.6.0 has been released, which includes the features mentioned below.

[2006-07-13] Still Alive

It's a long time since the last Dolphin release, but don't worry: Dolphin is still alive. I plan to release Dolphin 0.6.0 until the end of July, which will include some nice features:

[2006-06-20] Release of Dolphin 0.5.2

Although I wrote two days ago that the next release will be done at the end of June, I decided to release Dolphin 0.5.2 now. The reason for this that I could fix a really nasty issue in the view mode 'Previews': for specific MIME types the y-position and height of the preview was calculated in a wrong manner. In addition to the other fixes made since Dolphin 0.5.1 I think it's worth to release it. This allows me to have a more relaxed schedule for Dolphin 0.6.0.

[2006-06-18] Small enhancements

I found some time to implement the following changes:

Still I think it's too early to release another bugfix version on; the users should really see some improvements on Dolphin and I fear that the packagers get crazy if I release a new version each week :-) So the next release 0.6.0 is target for end of June including some minor enhancements.

[2006-06-12] Release of Dolphin 0.5.1

Dolphin has been accepted quite well on, thanks to all people who gave Dolphin a try! The bugfix release Dolphin 0.5.1 is available for download and contains some results from the given feedback.

[2006-06-07] Release of Dolphin 0.5

The first public alpha version of Dolphin is released and ready for download. The final 1.0 release is planned for end of September 2006.